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Kat'z Creations LLC offers both custom and RTS (ready-to-sell) tumblers, keychains, phone grips, and more. Specializing in tumblers, we offer both epoxy and sublimated. We only use the highest quality supplies to bring you quality handmade pieces. 

The epoxied method allows more creative freedom. The epoxy is used to seal the various mediums such as paint, ink, glitter, and more used in the design. Because epoxy is not crackproof it is important to treat these pieces like glass. Each layer of epoxy needs to cure at least 12 to 24 hours before moving to the next step. For this reason, the turnaround time for custom epoxied pieces can take several weeks. 

Sublimation uses heat to transfer an image. It's a great alternative to epoxy. Because sublimated tumblers won't crack, they are the best option for children. 


Epoxied Tumblers

Sublimated Tumblers

Phone Grips, Key Chains & More

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The Story of Kat'z Creations LLC

Hello, I'm Belinda, the owner, and creator of Kat'z Creations LLC. Even as a young child I had a passion for creating. I believe this was gifted to me by God through my mother. She could sew, crochet, knit, and easily whip up a Barbie Disco-themed hat from things found around our home for my 4th-grade hat show all in the matter of a few hours. 

When I first got a Cricut, I began making hand-dipped glitter wine glasses. Soon this blossomed into designing tumblers, keychains, phone grips, and more. 

I understand that quality is important to my clients. I use only the best supplies to create all my pieces. For example, I only use epoxy (resin) that is UV resistant and has a heat tolerance of at least 400 degrees. You can rest assured that your epoxied tumbler will not melt if left in a hot car.

I've made many pieces and some of my favorites are the ones that I've collaborated on with clients. Knowing that someone is going to receive a gift created by me is highly exhilarating. Whether you're buying a gift for yourself or someone else from Kat'z Creations LLC, I can't wait to work with you!

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