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Frequently Asked Questions

What is epoxy and how is it used to decorate and customize tumblers?

Epoxy is a strong type of glue. The epoxy is used to "glue" various mediums to the tumbler, like glitter. Once dried, another layer of epoxy is applied to seal the glitter. Art mediums such as paint or alcohol ink can be added to the epoxy itself.

Why is the turnaround time longer for epoxied tumblers compared to sublimated tumblers?

The turnaround time for epoxied tumblers is longer than sublimated because the tumblers are designed using layers of epoxy. Each layer needs to cure (dry/harden) at least 6-8 hours before moving on to the next step. On average, it takes a span of at least 5 to 7 days to complete.

Turnaround time for sublimated tumblers is quicker. Once an image is printed, the tumbler can be sublimated in about 30 minutes. The time needed to create the image can range anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. If I need to create the image for design, there may be an additional design fee. 

Are tumblers dishwasher safe?

No, tumblers are not dishwasher safe. Tumblers should be hand washed and towel-dried only. Do not use harsh abrasives.

Can I change my design after I place my order?

All design details should be confirmed during the ordering process including size, color, decals etc. You can not make any changes or cancelations once your order is placed.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders provided all tumblers are exactly the same. Please send an email to us at

Can I get a discount if I supply the my own tumbler?

Unfortunately, we do not allow customers to supply their tumblers.

My tumbler arrived damaged, what should I do?

Although it is extremely rare, because we pack our products securely, shipping damage can happen. Items are shipped via USPS Priority which includes insurance. The only way a claim can be filed is with photos of the shipping box and contents which should be sent to Once the claim is approved, I will start a replacement tumbler. The damaged item must be returned to me to receive the replacement.

Terms & Conditions

All tumblers will be completed in the timeframe listed in the description. Kat'z Creations LLC reserves the right to decline, cancel, or refund orders due to business or professional reasons. Kat'z Creations LLC will communicate via email with the customer for custom order requests. The customer must pay the $20 non-refundable deposit within 24 hours to secure their spot in the queue. Balance is due at shipping or pick-up.  All prices are subject to change due to add-ons, specialty design orders, special requests, custom orders, specialty glitter, etc. Invoices for any additional add-ons to complete the customer's custom request. Kat'z Creations LLC is not responsible for misspelled names or words in decals typed by the customer.  Occasionally, for epoxied tumblers,  Kat'z Creations LLC will send a preview of the decal on the tumbler before sealing it. Additional charges may incur if the customer decides to change the decal or decal placement. Kat'z Creations LLC is not responsible for any items that are damaged, lost in transit, or delayed due to the shipping carrier or weather-related issues. Once your package has been shipped and you have been provided tracking information, we are no longer responsible for your package. All shipping damages can have a claim filed to be approved or denied by USPS. Please make sure to keep all original packaging. Please make sure to send photos of the damaged box and contents to to ensure that you will have an approved claim to be refunded for the damages. Kat'z Creations LLC has no control if your claim is denied by USPS. The customer will have to contact USPS for all reasoning why the claim wasn't approved. Kat'z Creations LLC reserves the right to post photos or videos of any and all items offered on social media accounts. All tumblers come with care cards with instructions on how to care for your tumbler. Care information is also available on Kat'z Creations' LLC website. Kat'z Creations LLC is not responsible for any damage due to drops, falls, or failure of not following care instructions. By paying for your order, you agree to all terms above and acknowledge Katz Creations does not offer exchanges, cancellations, refunds, or returns. All sales are final.

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